My Services



Using a variety of equipment and tools, such as digital audio workstations, field recorders, multitrack machines, and instruments we can create a unique sound for your films, presentations, television, or animation. As an audio engineer I want to create something that will immerse you into a world with sound and effects. 


Anything from live sound to music recording I can help create the perfect sound that you are looking for. With a passion for music since I was young I have learned to play many instruments and love creating and capturing music with others.


Media Transferring

Old memories stuck on tape or printed on old photos that you would like to share with your friends and family. I can convert your old media whether it is photo or video to a new digital format that can be easily shared and copied for everyone to see. 


From corporate ads to small creative shorts. I will help you through the process of idea to conception and through creation. Anything that will help you and or your business grow is what I want to be a part of. 



The most tried and true way to capture memories is through photos. Whether it is a big event like a wedding or graduation, or something smaller like family pictures. I can help you remember these moments forever.

Mobile Cinema

Who doesn't love going to the movies? I love the experience of being engulfed into a new and exciting world with characters and places that let your imagination explore new things. Now I can bring that same excitement to your home or event! With different size screens to accommodate your movie experience I can bring the theater to you. I can also use these screens for presentations or photo slideshows.